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Akrapovic's Titanium Toyota GR Yaris Exhaust Sounds Suitably Fizzy

The Slovenian company has a new exhaust for Toyota's rally homologation hooligan, and it makes a jolly good din

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The Toyota GR Yaris’ 1.6-litre inline-triple is extremely powerful considering its diminutive disposition, putting out a mighty 257bhp. In terms of soundtrack, however, it’s less spectacular.

This isn’t the fault of the GR Yaris - modern regulations make it very difficult to build a car that belts out a truly great noise. Thankfully, aftermarket options for the little hot hatch hooligan are emerging all the time. This latest one comes from Akrapovic.

Toyota - Akrapovic's Titanium Toyota GR Yaris Exhaust Sounds Suitably Fizzy - Tuning

You’ve probably heard us wax lyrical about the Slovenian company’s wares before, most recently regarding the carbon-tipped pipes it supplies as an official option on the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. Once solely focused on motorcycle exhausts, Akrapovic has been expanding into the automotive world over the last 10 or so years, often with very pleasing results.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the titanium setup for GR Yaris sounds very nice indeed. It features an in-house cast collector between two resonators, with a third resonator sitting further upstream. Akrapovic says its engineers “placed a special emphasis on the acoustics in the middle and high rev range”. The system also reduces back-pressure, increases power by about 13bhp, and bumps up the torque by just under 10lb ft.

Toyota - Akrapovic's Titanium Toyota GR Yaris Exhaust Sounds Suitably Fizzy - Tuning

Despite the pipes being wider than stock (110mm in diameter, similar to Akrapovic’s GR Supra exhaust), at 7.8kg the system is a whopping 37 per cent lighter than the factory Toyota pipes. Paired with the optional Evolution link pipe, which knocks out the Yaris’ petrol particulate filter the power and torque gains stand at 18bhp and 15lb ft respectively.

The caveat? There’s a great big disclaimer slapped on Akrapovic’s website noting that neither of these items: “meet emission compliance requirements for street or highway”. One for GR Yaris track hacks only, then.