Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to create an account on Car Throttle?
In order to comment, upload a meme, upload a car to your garage or create a personalised content feed you’ll need an account.
How do I create an account?
Creating an account couldn’t be simpler. Hit the sign in button and log in using either your Facebook account or an existing email address.
How do I confirm my account?
If you signed up using Facebook then you don’t need to do anything else! If you registered with an email address, you’ll need to click the confirmation link we’ve emailed you. This is to prevent spammers from creating fake accounts using your details.
Can I still link my Facebook account if I signed up with an email address?
Yes! All you need to do is click the “Import from Facebook” button on your Account Settings page.
How do I set my display name and URL?
If you’d like a custom display name and/or URL, head to your Account Settings page and type in the display name/URL you’d like. URLs will appear as
IMPORTANT: Both display names and URLs can only be set once, so please choose wisely as changes cannot be made!
What are Communities and why do I need to add them?
All our content exists within Communities. Communities are interest-based allowing you to browse the content you’re most interested in. Adding Communities also allows you to create a personalised feed on the homepage.
I can’t remember my password! What can I do?
Hit the “Forgot password” link on the signup popover and you’ll be able to recover your password after you use the recovery code we send you by email.
Where can I change my password?
Hit the “Forgot password” link and after receiving your recovery code, you’ll be directed to a Reset page, where you’ll be able to choose a new password.
How do I add a car to my garage?
Click the “Garage” tab in your Account area and fill in the manufacturer, model and trim, year of manufacture, picture and details under “Add a new car”. Completing this will create a new page for your car, and will allow users to vote and comment on it.
How do I delete a post I created?
Just go on the post page and hit the ‘bin’ icon in the bottom right corner.
How do I delete my account?
If you’re 100% sure you’d like to delete your account, please email tech support - - who will be able to handle your request.
How can I stay up-to-date on new releases and features?
Make sure you have a read of our Version History page for info about new releases, features and bug fixes!

Community guidelines

What kind of content can I upload to Car Throttle’s platform
In order to create and sustain a vibrant home, here are a set of rules about what you should and shouldn’t post on the platform:

  • YOU SHOULD: Create content that is suitable for our car community. Good content will be upvoted by our users, bad content will not
  • YOU SHOULD: Upload original content.
  • YOU SHOULD: Beware of reposts! Try and keep your posts original and fresh
  • YOU SHOULDN’T: Post content that is NSFW, contains nudity, contains personally identifiable information, uses hateful language, contains sexist or racist themes, contains profanity or encourages bullying
  • YOU SHOULDN’T: Spam communities by mass linking third party content
  • YOU SHOULDN’T: Upload content which infringes other people’s intellectual property
  • YOU SHOULDN’T: Link to malware or irrelevant sites
  • AND YOU SHOULDN’T: Be persistently negative. This is a happy, fun-loving community!
    What should or shouldn’t I say in the comments?
    We’ve managed to build a fun, thriving community which encourages lighthearted debate and a shared passion for all things automotive. To that end, we’ve devised a simple set of rules which we’d like our users to adhere to:
  • DO: Create comments, reply to comments, upvote or downvote comments
  • DO: Upload funny memes and images to show your sense of humour
  • DO: Help us monitor comment threads by flagging comments for review
  • DON’T: Shy away from posting your opinion on our platform - this is a judgement-free zone, people!
  • DON’T: Upload offensive images (no nudity or images containing offensive language) as you will be reported and banned
  • DON’T: Spam users by mass linking to your post
  • DON’T: Use violent and hostile language or call for violence and hostility. If you directly or indirectly threaten the physical or mental well being of a member of this community, or an individual or group who is the subject of an article, you will be removed immediately. Also do not post any personally identifiable information
  • DO: Reach out to us if you have any queries or questions about comments or moderation - just email
    Why are my comments going into the moderation queue?
    Comments containing links get sent to the moderation queue to be approved by our team. Please be patient - we do check the mod queue hourly but sometimes approving comments may take a little longer.
    Can I include HTML in my comments?
    We don’t allow users to post HTML in comments to maintain consistency, however if you’re familiar with Markdown, you can use this in comments for formatting.
    How can I insert links in comments if you don’t allow HTML?
    All URLs will be automatically converted to hyperlinks, however please note that comments with links will need to be moderated before they’re approved.
    How do I flag an offensive comment?
    Any user can flag an offensive comment - simply hover over the comment and click the flag icon. If other users also flag this comment it will be sent to our moderation queue to be approved by the team.
    Where are your Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy?
    I’m glad you asked! Here are the links you need: Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.


I’m feeling rich. Where do I find your Shop?
If you want everyone to know you’re part of #TeamCT, you better hit up our very own Shop.
What do you sell?
Stickers, t-shirts and general swag. Less of the latter, and more of the former two to be precise. We’re always expanding product ranges so expect to see more sticker designs that you can show off to your friend(s).
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit and debit cards, and of course, Paypal. We unfortunately do not currently support Dogecoin.
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping rates can vary depending on your location. We add all shipping costs to your basket and you’ll be able to see a breakdown before you checkout.
I live in an obscure country you’ve probably never heard of. Will you still ship to me?
Of course! We ship WORLDWIDE, which means you can be part of the #TeamCT gang no matter the longitude or latitude.
How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Orders are normally processed within 48 hours, and shipping can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks, so please do bear with us!
Can I track my order?
Unfortunately we don’t have a system yet for tracking packages.
My order hasn’t arrived and it’s been more than 2 weeks. What shall I do?
Firstly, we apologise for the delay. Please send an email to and we will investigate.
I’m a very happy customer and want to send you a photo of my products in use. Who shall I send them to?
Awesome! We love seeing pictures of our stickers on cars, so either tag us in photos on Facebook (Car Throttle), Twitter (@CarThrottle) and Instagram (@carthrottle).


I want to advertise on Car Throttle. How do I do this?
For all advertising queries, branded content opportunities and video sponsorships, please visit our Advertise page.


Why would I want to work at Car Throttle?
Car Throttle is a fast-growing, venture-backed, media company based in London, UK. Recently shortlisted at The Europas 2013 as Best Audio, Video or Entertainment Startup, we’re backed by investors with strong internet industry experience and we’re getting some cool press. Some consider what we do to be the best job… in the world!
Okay, I’m sold. Have you got any current openings?
We do indeed! Go and have a look at our Jobs page; see if there’s anything there that tickles your fancy.

Contacting us

I want to send the editorial team a tip or a link? Who shall I contact?
We love hearing from our users and any news tips or links are very much appreciated. Please email the team -
Help! I can’t embed this video link I have, what can I do?
This most commonly happens when the video is private, cannot be shared or has been deleted from the provider. Double check the video permissions, and if it’s still not working then please get in touch using the support email below!
Help, something is broken! Who shall I contact?
Oops, sorry about that! Please send an email to our Support team with as much detail as you can (include operating system, browser, any screenshots, whether you’re on the iOS / Android app or the website, anything that can help us identify the issue) at! The more information the better!
Help, the site is slow! What’s going on?
We’re probably experiencing a period of high load or slow server response time. Bookmark our Status page to be kept in the loop 24/7.
I want to find out the status of my shop order or suggest a new product. Who shall I contact?
Please send any shop queries to
I have a general question or query. Who shall I contact?
Please send any general queries, including press, business development and any job applications, to