The New Toyota GR86 Will Start From £29,995

Toyota’s version of the Subaru BRZ has arrived with a bigger engine than before, and it’s cheaper than a Toyota GR Yaris

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Buy This Toyota Yaris GR Sport GT7 Edition, And You Get A Free PS5

This limited edition Yaris is bundled with a PlayStation 5 and a copy of Gran Turismo 7

Yamaha Made A Hydrogen-Fuelled V8 For Toyota

Toyota commissioned Yamaha to convert a 2UR V8 to run on hydrogen, and it involved designing a gorgeous 8-into-1 manifold

Fake Manual Gearboxes Patented For Toyota Electric Cars

Toyota has filed patent applications in the US for a system that includes a simulated clutch and rev range

Akrapovic's Titanium Toyota GR Yaris Exhaust Sounds Suitably Fizzy

The Slovenian company has a new exhaust for Toyota's rally homologation hooligan, and it makes a jolly good din

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In a move that'll infuriate purists and delight the rest of us, this man put a 4.3-litre Lexus V8 in his WRX STI and twin-turbocharged it for good measure

Toyota Is Putting J40 Land Cruiser Parts Back Into Production

The J40-era Land Cruiser is the latest Toyota to benefit from the GR Heritage Parts programme

Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 WRC Car Arrives With Massive Side Scoops

Toyota has revealed its World Rally Championship contender for 2022 onwards, built for the sport's new hybrid era