The Next Subaru WRX STI Won’t be ICE, If It Happens At All

Subaru has released a statement confirming the death of the mighty WRX STI as we know it

The Subaru BRZ 'Cup Car Basic' Is Here And (Almost) Ready To Race

This bare-bones BRZ and its Toyota GR86 counterpart are intended for competition in an upcoming race series

Stand Out From The Subaru Impreza Crowd With This Saab 9-2X Aero

This low-mileage ‘Saabaru’ badge-engineered curio is currently up for online auction with no reserve on Bring a Trailer

This RWD, Toyota V8-Engined Subaru WRX STI Is Sacriligeous And We Don't Care

In a move that'll infuriate purists and delight the rest of us, this man put a 4.3-litre Lexus V8 in his WRX STI and twin-turbocharged it for good measure

Travis Pastrana Will Drift This 1983 Subaru GL Monster In The Next Gymkhana

Hoonigan has revealed the vehicular star for the next Gymkhana instalment, and it's a boxy Subaru from the 80s

The 1073bhp Subaru STI E-RA Is An Electric Racer Aiming For A Nurburgring Glory

Subaru aims to set a 6min 40sec Nurburgring lap time with its quad-motor STI E-RA, and it might have a racing future too

Subaru WRX Given Mitsubishi Evo Face Swap With Surprisingly Agreeable Results

Someone transplanted the face of a Lancer Evo IX on a 'blobeye' Impreza WRX, and it works surprisingly well

Nissan Z Prototype Has Impromptu 'Race' With Subaru WRX STI

A WRX STI driver filmed a prototype version of the 370Z's replacement easily pulling ahead on the highway

The JDM-Only Subaru WRX S4 Gets A Cute Rear Wiper But No Manual

The Japanese market version of the new WRX has been revealed, and it has some small but important differences to the US-bound car

LS V8-Swapping A Subaru BRZ Is One Way To Solve The Torque Dip

In the latest episode of The Smokin' Tyre's 'One Take' series, we get a closer look at a 500whp V8-swapped BRZ

The Subaru WRX Wagon Is Back After 14 Years Away, But There's A Catch

The WRX Wagon is once again a thing, but the new car confirmed for the Australian market is merely a rebranded Levorg as opposed to a new model

The New Subaru WRX Is A Glorious Piece Of Rally-Inspired Forbidden Fruit

Americans: your new 271bhp rally yob is here. We’ll just sit in the corner and feel sad it’s not coming to the UK

My Subaru Legacy 3.0R Spec.B Ownership Ended In A Big Puddle Of Coolant, But I've No Regrets

My Legacy 3.0R was disappointing to drive and suffered a catastrophic coolant failure, but I'm still glad I tried one

80-Year-Old Subaru WRX Driver Gets Six-Month Ban After 113mph Thrash

South Australia Police clocked an elderly Subaru driver doing more than 80kmh over the limit

Praise Be: The Next Subaru WRX Will Still Have A Manual Gearbox

A teaser for the incoming WRX proudly displays its six-speed manual gearbox, and gives a (distant) glimpse of the exterior