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German Authorities Now Investigating 259mph Bugatti Chiron Autobahn Run

The police are treating Radim Passer's high-speed autobahn run as an "illegal street race" and passed its findings onto the local prosecutor

Germany Isn't Happy About That 257mph Bugatti Chiron Autobahn Run On YouTube

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You Can Buy A Fire-Damaged Bugatti Chiron For A Fraction Of Its Original Price

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Here's £24 Million Of Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ Chilling At Molsheim

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Rimac And Bugatti Have Officially Joined Forces, And Porsche Is Involved

The two companies will be "combining their expertise in design, innovation and technology" as a new entity while the original brands remain separate

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Returns With 273mph Top Speed And £2.7m Price Tag

Bugatti has followed up the limited-run Super Sport 300 with a new version that'll be made in double the numbers

This Bugatti Chiron Vs Jet Fighter Racer Is A New Take On An Old Idea

Bugatti organised a race between a Chriron and a Dassault Rafale Marine, rather like that time a Veyron went up against a Eurofighter in a certain motoring show

The 1240kg, Track-Only Bugatti Bolide Has An 1825bhp Chiron Engine

Bugatti has built a car which can theoretically lap the Nurburgring in 5min 23sec, although it's not been decided if it'll go into production