This Off-Road BMW Z3 Is Your Chance To Own A Globe-Trotting Hero

1998 BMW Z3 proves that off-road adventuring doesn’t have to restrict you to a boxy SUV

Abandoned Spanish BMW Dealership Filled With Motoring Icons

This abandoned car dealership is full of cars waiting to be restored to their former glory, could you give them new life?

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It's Official: Alpina Will Soon Be Part Of BMW

BMW has expanded its portfolio by snapping up tuning company Alpina

In China You Can Now Buy A Long Wheelbase BMW X5

Built and sold in China, the X5 xDrive30Li and xDrive40Li feature a 130mm stretched wheelbase

Hand-Built McLaren F1 LM Replica Has Central Driving Position And BMW V12

Danie Brough spend years designing and building his Papaya Orange F1 LM replica, which is powered by a twin-turbo BMW V12

You Can Buy A Volvo T5-Engined E46 BMW 3-Series

Originally a 323i, this E46 is now powered by an 850 T5 engine with forged internals and featuring some rather lurid aesthetic tweaks

The BMW i3 Is About To Die - Console Yourself With This £15k Used Example

The end is nigh for the i3, with BMW pulling the plug on its first EV this June. On sale around nine years, the earlier versions are now temptingly cheap

The BMW 8-Series Has Been Facelifted, Not That You'd Know It

The 8-series range has been treated to some very light styling tweaks, new colour options and fresh tech

BMW Will Build Its Last V12-Engined Car This June

BMW has announced 'The Final V12' - an M760i xDrive run-out special for the US market. Only 12 will be made, and after that, the V12 7er is done

Vorsteiner Has A $900 'Fix' For The BMW M3's Enormo-Grille

The wheel manufacturer has revealed a raft of cosmetic upgrades for the G80 M3 and G82 M4, and yes, that includes a new grille treatment

Big Grilles Fail To Dent BMW M Popularity As Division Posts Record Annual Sales (Again)

BMW's M Division posted yet another rear of record sales, with BMW Group as a whole becoming the biggest-selling premium brand worldwide